Welcome to Calathea’s world. This plant is one of the most popular plants in the household as well in offices or any business establishment because of its unique foliage and easy to care.

Calathea is from the family of Marantaceae. A species of plants that blooms from tropical areas. They are also categorized as low-light-plants because they will live and survive even in the areas where there is no sunlight. In there natural habitat, Calathea grow in the jungles.

Like any other plants, Calatheas come in different species with their unique foliage, textures and shape but to care for them is just the same.

I am going to list the names of the plants I have in my collections.

Taking care of Calathea and how they grow.

Calathea plants can be put anywhere indoor, but like most plants they need sunlight but not direct. Avoid the leaves being touch from the window as the sunlight will burn the leaves. Calathea loves moist soil but not soggy. There are a lot of suggestions to use mineral water or purified water for Calathea, but in my case I don’t have that much money to buy purified water so I am using water that sets over night.

For fertilizing Calathea, you can use all purpose plant fertilizer. For me, i put fertilizer once a month to all of my plants. If the Calathea plant has brown or yellow leaves please remove it to make your Calathea happy anf course it looks pleasant to your eyes.

Lists of Calatheas Available

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