Calamondin is also know as Calamansi/Kalamansi in the Philippines. In some other part of the world it is called as Calamondin. The fruit of Calamondin or Kalamansi is Filipinos favorite for marinating meats, fish, making sawsawan ohlala nummy nam… sorry for my words for those who doesn’t understand, it means “oh! it’s so yummy!”

Calamansi, is like a shrub if it well-maintained pruning after making fruits or grows as a small tree. It has a shiny pointy leaves. The fruit of Calamondin resembles a small and round lime or mini lime. The juice of Calamondin is very sour and smells so good. Most Filipinos likes to make Kalamansi juice especially during summer. It’s a good source for Vitamin C.

For me as Pinay, Calamansi fruit is used in its almost ripe with soy sauce, vinegar, and/or hot pepper as part of the most yummylicious dipping sauce in Filipino cuisine.

Now, that I have Calamondin in my collection of plants, I feel so lucky that I can harvest the fresh fruits and make my own kalamansi juice. Yay…

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