Supposed to be my Introduction

A plant lover by heart. Plants served as my stress reliever, it helps me overcome the negativity of life. I am not a plant expert but I do care plants a lot, spend a lot of time like my children.

When I was thinking of going to start selling plants, I was thrilled but also anxious of so many what if”s in my head however, I pursued my dream. My heart desires to make people happy. I remember my first sell when the lady walked out from my door with her beautiful smile and thank you, my heart literally melt. Oh my God! what a priceless gift, so from that day on, I convinced my husband to help me out with my big move, to open a small plant shop at the comfort of our unused garage. 

Although, I know it involves money to start up, proper & legal matters, I become nervous but if I will not try, how do I know if this dream will come to life. It will be forever a dream, right? So why not… TRY? Of course I do and this is it!

Good luck to me and my shop. Have a great day everyone and thanks for visiting my site.

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