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String of Pearls

String of Pearls is a common name of Senecio Rowleyanus, it has special leaves that looks like a small peas. This plant is under in the succulent plants maybe because it is delicate and need care like the other succulents.

This plant blooms in summer that looks-like white asterids. The flower will last maybe a month depends on how happy is the plant.

This plant is one of my wish list. Last year, I ordered online but it did not survived. Now, I have it in my collections and of course I also sell them.

What I observed with String of pearls, she is really meticulous. I had 2 hanging baskets that I decided to keep however, it start to die. I rescued of course by checking on the plant and give extra care. I re-potted them change the soil and put under the sun-blaster light. Now, they are reviving.

Taking care of String of Pearls is also tricky. I thought at first they like direct sunlight because the first 2 months I had them hanging near the window and it seems that they are happy, unfortunately after that period they start to shrivel.

So, I start to do some researched and it said that String of Pearls should put in bright but not direct sunlight. The soil also must be well drained like cactus mix.

Like other succulents, String of Pearls doesn’t like too much water, this will cause the pearls or the leaves to rot.

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