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Plants that Gives Oxygen at Night

We are so curious, what kind of plants that really gives Oxygen at night? Most of us, knew that Snake plant is one of the plants that gives such benefit for us, that’s the possible reasons why we see a lot of snake plants inside the office and of course at home. Snake plants is the number one decorative plants for everyone of us. However, do you know what other plants that also gives Oxygen?


Top 10 Plants releases oxygen

This is a baby Variegated Bonnie Spider Plant rooted in water.
  1. Spider Plant – Chlorophytum comosum is a scientific name of Spider plant. This plant I think is the easiest one to grow, even if you just put small baby in water, the plant will grow faster but of course, it will be nice and more beautiful if this plant is hanging. The plant will produce white small flowers which makes the plant more appealing. However, the most important and good benefits is spider plant will give oxygen and omits some dangerous substance inside the house such as carbon dioxide, benzene and formaldehyde.

2. Snake plants – It is also called as Sansevieria and the most common is sanseveria trifasciata or mother-in-law tongue. There are several varieties of snake plants with different sizes and foliage and all of them are beneficial to a healthy air inside the house besides they are all beautiful plants. These plants are very easy to care for. We can leave the plants without watering for a few weeks to a month and can put the plant in darker corner or side of the room.

3. Peace LilySpathiphyllum is the scientific name of Peace Lily. The picture posted is also a peace lily but it is variegated type, the both have the same white flowers and it’s beautiful. They will thrive in indirect sunlight but in bright light. Once the plant will droop, it means that the plant needs water. The only thing we have to consider for having peace lily at home is when we have pet as this plant is toxic to pet especially cat.



4. PothosEpipremnum, this plant is a hardy plant, this is very easy plants to grow. I have one hanging pot on my window that serves as my curtain. Very easy to take care. The picture posted is a Golden Pothos. This plants come in several varieties and they are all beautiful. Pothos is good for cleaning the air inside the house.

5. Weeping Fig – Ficus Benjamina is a scientific name for Weeping fig. This is elegant house plant, it is more like a tree than a regular potted plant. It comes also in different varieties. Weeping fig helps filter out toxic substance iin the air indoor, so it’s ideal to have weeping fig at home.

6. Philodendron – this plant is common houseplant. They are toxic to pets too.. There are a lot of varieties, one of them I posted is a Philodendron Prince of Orange. Like most of the other plants they are also easy plants, they need wet soil but not soggy. This Prince of orange needs more light so the color will come out, otherwise it will revert to green.

7. Aloe Vera – This plant is considered as succulent plant as well as medicinal plant. It is useful to treat several health conditions. Aloe vera likes direct sun and dry soil. Excessive watering can lead the plant to die.

8. Money Tree – Pachira Aquatica, this is also called as a good luck tree. Some people believe that this tree gives good luck to the and an invitation to good fortune. This plant is common to Feng Shui because they said the plant give positive energy.

9. Chrysanthemum (Chrysantheium morifolium) – This is a flowering plants and they are beautiful, it came into different colors. When this plants bloom during spring and summer, it’s like wow, paradise. Mostly this plant thrive outdoors but there is no impossible for indoors. we can out the plants in sunny area and fertilize the plant regularly to keep the plant blooming.

Photo credit: picture posted is not mine credit belongs to the rightful owner

10. The Areca Palm – One of the most common plants indoor. I may say, this is also a Palm tree? lolz. I had these plants at home but keep on dying on me. Well, basically this plant doesn’t like to be neglected for sure, you need to take care check the plant on daily basis.

Photo credit: picture posted is not mine credit belongs to the rightful owner


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