Celebrating One Year as a Plant Seller

Wow, I never thought… What??? it is already a year!!! Wow, again congrats to this journey and thanks to my family who always help as my partner in this endeavor for without them I am just nothing of course “Thank you Lord”

How did I start to sell plants online? Hmmm, due to my financial status… I went to LPN program but unfortunately, financial problem arise and I need something that can help me that time. I have a collections of plants and I tried to propagate most of them. One of the plants I propagated was the Variegated Rubber Tree, that’s was August 09, 2018. By October, the young plants grew into healthy little tree. I was so happy of course. I had 5 young Variegated Rubber Tree. When financial problem got stuck on our side, I decided to sell the young plants, some other plants and tools in Facebook Marketplace. I really amazed of the results, it really helps a lot. I was able to buy something for my children they needed and that’s how I started.

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The online plant seller is not easy, there were a lot of things to be done and to consider. Aside from having a full time job, family with 3 children, taking care of the plants and so on, sometimes it can be overwhelming yet worthy because even there are stress everyday because of the nature of my job, tendering my plants when I get home will cease that negativity, I feel relax.

Furthermore, the worst experienced I had was when we have to deal with people that they thought they owned me. Receiving some nasty message when they want to pick up plants yet the time sometimes would be compromised because of emergency issues especially when it comes to my children, I will cancel everything. Another thing, was when you have to bring the plants to a place to meet potential customer and they will not show up nor message anything but I truly understand sometimes things happen.

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There are so many things or issues that if I will enumerate everything I am for sure, this blog will go on and on and on…… So, I marked up today as my “First Year Anniversary”

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