Claimed damaged after 1 month & 1 day in her care, Is it Possible?

As an online plant seller, I know that there’s a lot of issues and questions that I received from my potential customers and of course I’m gladly accept to whatever are the questions related to the plants I am selling online.

Just to make it clear, I did make a Plant Shop Policy, so any potential customers can see and be aware of everything. I also stated to ask any questions before or after buying the plants. In every item posted on the shop, some have description, some have not. It is very clear that I did not promise anything that I sell full grown plants but sadly some people think that it is full grown plants.

This buyer, asked question related to certain plants but she bought different plants on August 20 this year. I shipped the plants the following Monday (August 26, 2019) and she received the plants on Sept. 04, 2019. This buyer did not even send me any message or whatsoever as she claimed she did. After 1 month and 1 day, she sent message on one of FB page and asked me to message her. So, I message here right away, I was so excited at first like any other customer who had given me an update about their plants but this one is different. She is truly exceptional. She told me that the plants were not doing well. She sent me pictures. Two pictures I noticed that, that pictures were taken right when she opened the box. The plants were fine. The rest of the pictures were probably taken after she decided, she will going to message me that the plants arrived damaged as what she claimed. After five days, I received a message from Paypal for the dispute. She did not mention in our message that she wants a refund, instead she went to Paypal and open a dispute of “Item not as described” then added “Damaged”


I replied and explained everything to her and to Paypal but because of the so-called consumer protection law. Paypal decision was asked the buyer to return my plants to me. The decision was made on October 15, 2019. The buyer and I received this noticed at the same time I hope. Unfortunately, the buyer waited again another 9 days to return the plants. Today, October 24, 2019 at 4:42 PM is the day she shipped my plants back to me as Paypal noticed me. My heart really badly broken because there is no way that these plants will ever survive. There is no justice in this. The refund is not the issue here but her claim because if the plants are really damaged when she received there is no way that you have to wait for another month to make a claim. If she only contacted me right away and decided to return the plants, there’s still possibility of reviving the plants.

I myself, bought plants online as most of my plants I ordered online. Some plants were damaged, some will not survived however, I did not make a claim whatsoever for a refund. As a buyer, I know there is always risk and I took that risk. Anyhow, I am just trying to voice out my sentiments because of what had happened. “There’s always rainbow after the rain”, as what they say, so I just smile and say “It’s okay, if she is happy of what she is doing right now, let it be, make her smile shine upon herself and let her be proud”.

Furthermore, I am still wishing her to have a happy life and contentment. I hope that it will not be happening to her in the future. I wish her all the best in life and May God bless her more.

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  1. OMG that’s horrible… after a.month doesn’t make sense. You should not give any refund.

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