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How Plants Help Me Release Stress

Before knowing all the studies about plants and the benefits we get from them I love plants by nature maybe because I was born from a barangay or shall we called village from Northeastern part of Mindanao, Philippines.

Raised and grew from a poor family, I surrounded with plants of course lovely and beautiful nature. I learned to plant and taking care of them. Before, I didn’t know that there are benefits from them. What I just know that there are medicinal plants that we can use when we get ill. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
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“Credit from the rightful owner” view from Botanical garden

When I arrived to Canada, there were a lot of things that I couldn’t figured out why I have strange feelings. Emotions that I never thought I will gonna have. The so-called homesickness strikes at hand, I’m like wow… why? why these things were happening? But thanks to mother nature because the time I arrived to Montreal was summer. I saw beautiful flowering plants, trees, shrubs etc. Those negative feelings that started to retaliate my inner instinct were vanished. Thanks God!

I continued collecting plants of all kinds, I just love them. It fascinates me every time I see plants on the store. I picked up several plants I saw from the garbage and brought them home. People will probably think I’m crazy! but I didn’t care.

Recently, somethings happen at my work that it really hit me and broke me into pieces. The feelings of humiliation and ruining my self-esteem is really difficult feelings to tackle. Everyday, I feel like crap, crying and couldn’t sleep well. I felt exhausted! Yes! it really hit me that hard. But you know what? I did not realized that my plants had helped me a lot to go through all of these negative feelings. Every time, I tender my plants I talked to them, there’s always silence of course they don’t talk back but within that silent moment, I heard my heart beat, I felt my tears, I felt someone is listening and give me comfort. Without realizing I wiped my tears and start smiling. Stroking the leaves of every plants was just like shaking a comfort and caring hands, a feelings that someone is keeping me secure and telling me that everything will gonna be okay.

Day by day, slowly releasing these poisonous feelings. Having a hobby of collecting plants and having plants at home really a beneficial to me.

Indeed, a very good therapy!

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