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Who would have thought, I miss you!

A crazy thing as it is, who would have thought, I will be going to miss one of the plant? Wow!

Every time, I checked my plants, {I’m talking about the small plants I propagated, these includes I bought, trade, etc} at the back room of where we live, I always check her first. I can not remember if this was the Monstera Peru from a trade or bought because they all lost their leaves at the same time and I put in one glass of water.

After a few months of patience, a tiny two roots sprouted then 3 days after a new leaf form and then open. I greeted “Hello” to her everyday as if she can speak. lolz… Due to my financial burden, I did not hesitate to sell even though I have emotional attachment to it.

I have a few of the plants that I couldn’t decide to sell them away but the moment of distress I did let it go.

Unfortunately, this teeny-tiny Monstera Peru is knocking at my heart, I truly miss her!

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