I would like to take this opportunity to thanks everyone for being part of my journey in 2019. Most especially when my nanay Nenita (mother) and my brother Fr. Oliver came to visit me here in Montreal.

Thanks to all Macarine family. Likewise; Nang Thata, Nong Loloy & family for inviting nanay and my brother to celebrate Gib’s confirmation, let Nanay, DJ and Ynna blew their birthday candles. You welcome us at your home warmly.

Heartfelt thanks to Nang Linda and Nong Ravie for inviting us with Nanay and my brother Fr. Oliver, with nice panihapon (supper) and for the second time you invited Nanay and for the fruits we brought home. Thanks na inyo me gipasaka sa inyohang mansyon.

Thanks also to Nong Loloy and ate Janet for inviting my Nanay and brother Fr. Oliver to have a tour in some of the beautiful places here in Canada.

Thanks to Nong Tidok and Nang Nening for hosting a welcome and despidida party for Nanay and my brother. You made Nanay feel at home while away from home.

To Em-em and DG, I really appreciate that you brought nanay and bro to see the famous waterfalls in Canada “Niagara Falls” and other beautiful places. Nanay had a great experienced and every time she talked about that experience, her beautiful smile will showed up.

Thanks also to Nang Consing and Mama Eda for inviting us for a dinner. I truly appreciate it. Also, for the great time during apple picking.

Last but not the least, to Nong Cecelio and Nang Daday. You brought Nanay and bro to beautiful places in Quebec. Thank you very much also for accepting my balikbayan boxes even I do not have money to pay for it.

Over all, thank you everyone. My old and new friends, family and relatives. You all made my 2019 awesome.

Mabuhay Kayong Lahat!!!

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