ECE Grad. Speech

OMG!!! hahaha I am still laughing and felt shy at this speech like an improntu speech during my graduation at TAV college. I’m still laughing at myself, I have very bad grammar and my pronunciation was so aweful, however, I am proud of myself that I was standing in the middle of the crowd. I can’t be proud enough despite of so many obstacles I had I still managed to reach the finish line. Lucky I posted this video online otherwise it will be gone for good.

This was my best memory way back year 2015. I supposed not to come for this graduation when the school supervisor had called and asked me to attend. She did not tell me the reason why I need to be in the ceremony but she pleaded me to come. When I got there, she told me that I have to deliver a speech, I’m like What? Why? so many questions… my nerves were all over places but at the end I said okay, I made a little note for myself in the middle of the ceremony until the emcee called my name.

Along with my speech, I received a nice Academic Excellence Award…

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