My Three Angels

These are my three angels
Who make my life full of surprises
Even in times of crisis
They make me laugh and oh so priceless

When they smile, I hear the angels sing
A soothing melody that joy may bring
Into my weary heart that cling
Like the wondrous vines in heaven.

Lord, I thank you for these priceless gifts
You showered me with love to make my drifted heart swift
Happiness and feeling of completeness
Promise to take care of them, till my last breath.

Though, I do not have a gold to offer
But I have a loving arms and a good heart
With a promise of unconditional love
To treasure when they grow up.

A poem I made for my three children namely; DJ, Ynna and Angelo. I never thought I will gonna have three children. Yes, it is not really in my dream and of course not in my plan. I always wanted to have just one or two but God give me another blessing and that is Angelo.

At that time, I was still mourning because of the passing of my father yet I suddenly felt the fresh breeze inside my room. I felt somebody was there, I felt cold. I wrapped myself with the comforter and fell asleep. When I got up I felt relief and felt brand new.

My children are the reason why I continue to dream. This time, it’s  not just for me but of course for them, for their future. I love you my kiddos, you are the reasons why I smile despite of the difficulties I have in life.

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