My Beloved Parents

There were times, I want to blame you
The ways of life I am into
Even though you tried your best, I know
Raising us,  as a good persons you do.

Blaming you is not the right thing
I know that in my heart, so I am crying
Deep in my soul, keeps remembering
Sorry for this nasty thought I bring.

Now, that we’re far away
I truly missed you, everyday
Wishing that I can hug you one day
Kisses and saying I love you, I pray.

Am so thankful, for raising me
To be as tough as I could be
For the rough times you prepare me
Handling the obstacles made it easy.

💗♥♥♥From the bottom of my heart, I love you and I miss you♥♥♥💗

When I wrote this poem, I was in the middle of difficult times. It was my first six months in Canada and having a non-friendly working environment. This was the time, when I ate food from my employers garbage can. This was the time, when I burst into tears while holding the garbage foods in my hands because it was three days already of not eating. This was the time of regret and questioning myself, why I did not obey my father’s will to stay home. 

I begun to tremble and my heart is sinking into the agony of being ill-fated individual. So many of what if’s flooding through my mind and soul. But what could I do? Before I didn’t believe of what they say “life is so unfair” but because of my experienced, I believed it. However, life must go on. I still believe in God and trusted him that someday a miracle would happen. When I feel lonely, imagining of my father and my mother’s happy faces will ease my pain.

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