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Manjula Pothos

Manjula pothos is also called as Epipremnum Happy Leaf is another variety of pothos patented and produced originally by the University of Florida.

Manjula pothos is a lovely plant with wide heart-shaped leaves along with shades of silver, white cream and light green variegation. While each leaf has diferent pattern, it also makes distinguishable to other pothos because the leaves have wavy edges.

How to take care Manjula pothos?

Watering: Like other pothos, keep the soil moist all the time but not soggy. Keeping the soil dry for long period of time, will tends the plant to shrink.

Light: Medium to bright light, they suggested not to expose in direct sunlight, however mine is exposed to direct afternoon sunlight and my Manjula grow best. So, in my opinion, it really depends on how individual will take good care of the plant. what I did is, I always check the soil/plants every two days and every 7 days, I water the plant thoroughly.

Feeding: I applied fertilizer only once a month to all of my plants but they suggest every two weeks in spring and summer for best growth.

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Manjula Pothos

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