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Golden Pothos

Golden pothos (Epipremnum aureum Golden) is also known as Devil’s Ivy. This plant is from the Solomon Island. In its natural habitat this is known as a climbing vine, usually climbs on the tree trunk by its aerial roots as well as also covers the ground. The plant features abundant bright yellow-marbled foliage. The shape of the leaves are heart-shaped and shinny.

So far, I really did not like the other common name but it really doesn’t look like a devil actually this plant help release fresh oxygen which is very beneficial inside the house. In my opinion why they called this plant as Devil’s Ivy because this plant can survive anywhere mostly difficult to kill and the leaves stays the same. It grows very easy and faster especially if you keep the soil moist all the time but not saggy.

Golden pothos $6.50

Golden Pothos is a common hanging houseplant and of course I have it as my hanging curtains. I have collected several pothos and so far Golden pothos grow fast. I keep experimenting for all of my pothos which is best way to keep them grow fast and healthy yet, I found just only basic thing we can do to make the most of it… just make sure that the soil is moist all the time and proper draining pot is a must.

Genus name comes form the Greek epi meaning upon and premnon meaning a trunk in reference to its growing on tree trunks.

Specific epithet means golden.

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