You Shop, I Give!

Hi everyone, due to the COVID-19 we experienced lockdown every part of the world. I feel the hardship of life nowadays but there are more people outthere that feel worst.

I, myself and my family still considered lucky despite the lockdown because I am still working once a week with my regular work and everyday here at home with my plants. Also, I sewed face mask and give to those who needs them around my neighborhood and friends, if anybody who reads this blog for face mask, you can absolutely ask, it’s just you cannot choose a color lolz, sorry for that. If you want to donate, I am humbly very grateful so then I can give too to the needy.

Anyway, I want to help my fellowmen in my village (Barangay Cagtinae) Philippines especially the senior citizens, the pregnant or just have baby. It’s in my thought of giving 5% from the total purchase when you shop and buy in my blog. So far, I collected $14.12 since I started to accept orders last week and I hope to collect more.

If anybody wants to donate too, it will be very appreciated any amount you could give even $1 is of great help. I believe the saying, “It’s better to give than to receive.”

Please click the link if you want to give a donation for COVID-19 support food relief project, the money I raise will be sent to my village (barangay Cagtinae) in the Philippines to buy foods for seniors, pregnant & just have a baby.

  • Donation $1.00
  • Donation $3.00
  • Donation $5.00
  • or just e-transfer to any amount you could extend is of great help for the success of my project to help those who need help the most in my barangay Cagtinae, Malimono, Surigao del Norte Philippines.

Thanks and keep safe everyone. May God bless us all.


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  1. That’s so wonderful of you. Good luck for your project. I can donate small amounts too. Have a nice day.

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