Sanseveria is a historically recognized genus of flowering plants native to Africa, Madagascar and Southern Asia according to Wikipedia. This plant comes with so many common names such as snakeplants, bow string hemp, devil’s tounge, jinn’s tounge, mother-in-law tounge and snake tounge. In my village, home country Philippines this plant is called “Espada”. When my mother visited me last year, she said that it is called Espada maybe because it resembles a sword.

Anyway, Sanseveria is one of my favorite houseplant. It is easy to care for lolz, I don’t need to water very often and has low maintenance. I can put this plant anywhere with no fuss because sanseveria will live even in the darkest side of your home. This plant is a tough plant besides that, there are a lot of benefits for our health having Sanseveria inside the house. According to NASA, it has the ability to absorb an excessive amount of carbon monoxide, it also emits oxygen at night and filters some toxins from the air like benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde.

Many researchers and experts believed that it is more beneficial when we put Sanseveria in our bedroom to have fresh oxygen to breath at night while we are sleeping. Therefore, most of my Sanseveria collections are in our bedroom.

So now let’s go to my lists and count how many I have and still hoping to have more.

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