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My hoya collections

Hoya plant is commonly known as wax plants. They are evergreen perennial vines or creepers. This plant came on so many varieties. The leaves of Hoya vary in size, textures, color & venation as well as their flowers & smell. I started collecting hoyas about 2 years now and I started with Hoya Carnosa Krimson Princess then it expanded to several varieties.

I don’t have any favorites whose who in my collections, I love them all despite that there are some of them that are very hard to please, some of them died and wasted but I think that is part of the process.

Now, let us see how many Hoyas so far I’m collected and counting.

Most of my Hoyas mentioned-above, I have rooted in water with Leca and soon will be available to sell. If interested you can ask to reserve or ask if the rooted is ready for adoption lolz.

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