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Hoya bella variegated (Hoya #2)

Hoya Bella variegated has tiny pointy leaves with yellowish color inside and green on the outside of the leaves or edges. This hoya is truly a beauty. I read a lot of article about this type of Hoya and they said it is very easy to care for, however in my case I have a hard time making it healthy. I bought my first Bella regular, Albo and variegated at the same time yet after months they slowly died on me.

At first, I have no idea why they just eventually die. When there was only 2 stems left, I need to investigate the reason, I thought that it was unhealthy because of the bugs but sadly the Bellas have no roots at all. If I only knew, I will maybe transfer them to water to roots then replant like what I did to this new botanical gem of mine. She is just three months and look at the growth, she seems happy and hoping she will stay healthy.

However, as I noticed the variegation of the new stems are reverted to green. Now, I am thinking to cut the green part or maybe I should just let it be until she will become a fully grown plant.

By the way, sorry there is no voice on this video, will soon have voice next time. hahaha just a little bit shy, English is not my first language.

Thank you for your time, if you would like to make a comments or add some info, please do so. I will be happy and thankful for your efforts. Have a great day.

Update: I decided to put numbers on my Hoya Collections so I will know how many Hoyas I have in hand. So Hoya Bella Variegated is my number 1

2 comments on “Hoya bella variegated (Hoya #2)

  1. You are not alone on this one! I also read Hoya Bella is easy-but many people tell me they are NOT! Some say because it needs really high humidity, but I am not sure of the reason. I am glad you shared this with others, as many plant descriptions say it is easy, maybe because they want to sell them. Maybe this can help others thinking about buying one, and they can do further research before they do. Thank you for sharing this honest story with us! ps-my hoya
    ‘s I just bought from you are doing GREAT!!! Thank you! 🙂

    • Thank you Shonna for your time reading my blog. I really appreciate it. Yes, it is really true. I have a hard time making my Hoya Bella happy. I just can’t figure it out. I moved from one place to the other, with lights and no direct light. I am also checking for bugs but I can’t find any. Just for an update of my Bella, I checked after work and I found many leaves just fell off again. I will try to move this Hoya Bella to my bedroom, hoping she will like it.

      Thanks again.

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