Month: August 2020

here i am @44

MY little cebu blue pothos

The Legendary Cebu Blue Pothos at last I got you now. Hahaha!!! Since everybody is craving to have Cebu blue pothos and it keep on popping out in my Facebook pages where I’m a member of, I was becoming too obssessed also to get… Continue Reading “MY little cebu blue pothos”

My eldest son’s first bed

First and foremost, sorry for posting my old crap lolz but I do love this and I do not want to lose it. This is a picture of my eldest son’s first bed, who I painted it myself. It was also my husband who… Continue Reading “My eldest son’s first bed”

Walmart Lasalle – Security guy mistreated family

Security guard or the guy on the entrance of Walmart Lasalle, mistreated my son, my husband and myself when we went out after shopping for birthday gifts for my youngest son, who celebrated today August 11 and other stuffs for my other children. After… Continue Reading “Walmart Lasalle – Security guy mistreated family”

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