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hoya kerrii (Hoya #2)

Hoya Kerrii

This is my lovely Hoya Kerrii, or Hoya Hearts, this is a tropical plant but considered also as a succulent plant. Most of this plant was being sold during Valentines Day and in one single leaf cuttings. Hoya plants or varieties will produced flowers. I did not see the flowers of the Hoya Kerrii but I am hoping soon.

When I got this Hoya Kerrii two years ago, she had five leaves and stemmy. It wasn’t beautiful to look at. So, I made a cuttings and I did three cuttings. After a few months, roots coming out and transfered to a soil. I posted on Marketplace and sold them out. I had to cut twice and sold. Yes, I already make money out from this mother plant. They said, they are slow grower, but in my opinion, it really depends on how they plants react because mine, over the years, it grows quadruple, that I had to cut twice.

This year, she’s in rest. I don’t have a plan to cut her lolz!!! It’s her rest year.

VALENTINE HOYA – Hoya kerrii 75mm | Weslor Flowers Plant Nursery
This is the flower of the Hoya Kerri. By the way, this picture is not mine. I searched the flowers online, so the credit belongs to the rightful owner. No copyright infringement is intended.

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