My eldest son’s first bed

First and foremost, sorry for posting my old crap lolz but I do love this and I do not want to lose it. This is a picture of my eldest son’s first bed, who I painted it myself. It was also my husband who built the bed.

My eldest son DJ, loved Lightning Mc Queen and asked us to buy a bed for him when he was 4 years old, unfortunately the bed was so expensive that I couldn’t afford. I made a suggestion, a plan and made into a reality. Making a customized bed especially for him.

I wished I still had the picture of him while he came from daycare and saw this special creation made by mommy and daddy.

However, I still can imagine the biggest and sweetest smile he gave, a big hugged and kisses. He was jumping and screaming of joy.

A very special memory, I never tired of repeating the same story about his first bed, as he is also proud that mommy and daddy made a customized bed just for him.

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