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hoya multiflora/shooting star (Hoya #4)

This is the second bloom of Hoya Multiflora or Shooting Star

This is my Hoya Multiflora or shall we called Shooting star. This Hoya I got from Kim’s Nature in Markham, Ontario. Yes. my family and I drove to Markham. Ontario for a long drive after a long month COVID lockdown. Anyhow, this is one of my dream hoya since I started to collect them.

According to the Enclopedia of Succulents, the origin and habitat of hoya multiflora or shooting star is of from the forest of the following countries Burma to Thailand, China, Malaysia, Java, Indonesia and Philippines. This hoya was being described in 1823.

This Hoya is compact, upright and shrubby. I observed this hoya that it don’t produce branches. What I really like to this plant is her flowers. It has arrow-shaped petals that bends like a shooting star. When she start to flowers it produce so many flowers, that’s why they called this plant as multiflora because of that feature.

When I got this Hoya, it was June 2020. I cannot remember exactly the date. It has two penducles then after a week, it adds another in the total of 6 penducles. I’ved waaited for weeks before they really opened it into a full bloom and yes it lasted for about 12 days.

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