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How nice dealing with people

I feel too much of everything in this plant’s world. Always have mixed emotions. Dealing with different people that have different views, but the worst people that I can say based on my 2 years experience in selling plants online are those who want discounts are the ones who complain the most that the plants are small, not the same on the picture, etc. Did they really think that when I ordered my plants online and delivered them to me I can complain and say OMG!!! why it has only 2 leaves, 3 leaves, or whatever.

I don’t ask for a discount for all of the plants I bought, but randomly I gave discounts to random people. Wow, sometimes I may think is it really worthy? People will treat you like you owe to them. We are just human beings. My selling plants are part of my hobby and an extension for my family income aside from being a full-time Early Childhood Educator it is not because I want to be rich but just a little extra to feed my 3 children for my husband is disabled.

I have a lot of things to say but just too tired to put them in words… toooo muchhhhhhhhhh. If they made a bad comments about me, well what can I say, who cares to those people that also doesn’t care for the feelings of others. They think they know me….

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  1. Well, there are people who, sadly, want something for nothing in this world! 🙁 You take time to care for and nurture the plants you ship out. ALL the plants I have bought from you were such a GREAT price! It has been awhile since I bought them from you, and all are doing incredible! They are growing, sending up new shoots all the time, and some even sent up flower shoots! I am ALWAYS happy with the plants I bought from you! My plants were never too small, and some were much bigger than the pictures! Some people will find anything to complain about, but do not worry, your loyal customers know the amazing, high quality of the plants they get from you. And we appreciate you, and feel blessed to get such happy plants from a caring soul who offers them at such a low price! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO!!!!! 🙂

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