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Let’s Take a Peek to my Hoya Ciliata

Hoya Ciliata is fast grower type of Hoya. This was what he looks like a month ago, now, it goes back to non-fuller plant.

While I was busy rescuing my other plants on the garage from cold. I never thought my Hoya Ciliata got caught on the heating. The whole stem were hanging and was cooked. Huhuhu, what kind of a parent plant I am? Well, even I feel sad yet can’t completely sad because this plant is very easy and grow faster than any other Hoyas. Hoya Ciliata is not fussy hoya as I thought.

When I first got this plant, he was in 2.5″ nursery pot. I bought 2 pots but later I sold the other one when I observed that he grows faster. I did not see my plant blooms yet but the plant owner told me that the flowers are dark almost colored-black. Well, definitely I’m excited to see my Hoya Ciliata blooms, he added also that this Hoya has a pleasant smell.

People are asking me, how do I care specific plants especially Hoya. As I always said, I am not an expert for plants but I do love collecting and propagating them. For me, it is more on experimenting. Plants do have common behavior, they don’t like to be dried up and over-watered lolz… so these two common things are my mean concern because until now I am still on that corner.

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