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Hoya macrophylla splash (Snow queen) (Hoya #9)

Hoya Macrophylla Splash (Snow queen) is the newest addition to my Hoya family. She has large leaves and curly a bit maybe due to something defeciences light, nuttrients etc.

The dark green leaves were full of greyish splash. This hoya has unique features and distinguisable from other hoya species. I really love the thickness of the leaves. Even I forget to water, this hoya can survive for another days without fuss.

Hoya Macrophylla Splash (Snow queen) is just three weeks in my care and she already give me four new leaves which really made me happy. The price I pay for this Hoya was $69.99 plus taxes in 3.5″ nursery pot and that has only 3 leaves. I know it is a bit expensive but made me happy which is totally worthy.

Hoya Macrophylla Splash 1.5 weeks

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