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Philodendron Painted Lady

Philodendron Painted Lady

Philodendron Painted Lady is one of my ariod collections. I have this plant for about three months now. It did grow a bit from the original size when I bought. The cost of this plant was $195 plus tax, a little bit tight for my budget but this plant made me happy and I thought it’s really worthy.

Philodendron Paint Lady has a unique foliage, as we can see it has variegation of yellowish spots on the leaves. Like other Philodendron this is also climbing one. According to University of Florida, this is a hybrid from Philodendron Erusbescens Burgundy and Philodendron Erusbescens Emerald Queen. Meaning to say, Philodendron Painted Lady is their offspring, lolz!

They said that this plant prefer dry soil conditions however, that is not the case with me. I tried this plant to be dry out and was in the warm environment but the plant seems dying. So, I transfer my Painted Lady inside my grow tent together with my Hoyas and other rare and expensive plants. My plainted Lady is doing great inside and happy,

By the way, do you know the meaning of the word Philo? The word Philo comes from the Greek word: meaning “love”. Dendrons is also comes from the Greek word means “tree”.

Taking care of the Philodendron Painted Lady: I’m all new to this rare indoor plants and so I learned to taking care of them by experienced and keen observation of the different plants. As I can say that, all plants needs basic care to survive however, there are things that we have to consider, plants have life too and so the soil and they are all needs basic care. Plants will do adapt to their new environment gradually, there are some can adapt in an instant but rare unless you have a very good climate in your house.

Soil: potting mix should be moist all the time (this is just me, if you found another one and try those probably will work for you) leaving my Painted Lady in dry soil made my plant unhappy so, I always moist the soil at all time.

Watering: I water my Painted Lady once a week. My watering schedule is always Friday night. Why Friday night? this is because this is the only time that I can spend a lot of time watering all my plants both inside the house and in the garage including my backyard garden.

Light: I put my Painted Lady on medium light, Philodendrons doesn’t like to be esposed in direct light.

Temperature/Humidity: Since I transfer my Painted Lady to my grow tent, she now receives 65% to 85% humidity level and the temperature is 27 degress celcius, so far so good for her.

Fertilizer: the recommendations for all plants is always every two weeks during the active growth which is like spring time I think lolz not sure though. As for me, I like to mist all my plants every week with the seaweeds fertilizer and superthrive.

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