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Hoya Polyneura aka Fishtail (Hoya #11)

Hoya Polyneura aka Fishtail is listed as my Hoya #11 eventhough, this plant is the newest plant I purchase. i bought this hoya from Facebook Marketplace for $47 with no roots maybe about three weeks now.

Currently, I just checked my Hoya Polyneura and I see a little roots coming out. So happy to see them. I was a bit worried after 3 days when I brought this hoya home since my youngest son always lean on the grow tent and sometimes he forgot that he is kicking while watching TV. This little hoya cuttings fell off together with my other collections, luckily the hoya is fine.

As we can see the roots are coming out. Hopefully, my hoya polyneura will grow healthy…

Will give you update soon as I will transfer my hoya to the soil. For the maintime, my Hoya Polyneura is in my grow tent, I put her on the second shelve, not too expose to the grow lights.

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