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Hoya Odorata (Hoya #13)

Hoya Odorata Close up

Hoya Odorata is one of my newest Hoya in my collection. She came from Thailand, so basically this hoya is still stress from travelling but this hoya is doing fine. I received 55 Hoya plants dated August 18, 2021, this Hoya Odorata is one of them.

Hoya Odorata is came from Apocynaceae family. It really surprised me that this hoya is came from my native country the Philippines. Honestly, I did not see this plant in my hometown probably in the other province.

This hoya has tough leaves or shall we say rigid leaves when we touch, they said it is very easy to grow. Let see, though. Most Hoyas they said are easy to grow but in reality it really depends on the plants if they like to grow or not, I feel that they are like human beings sometimes hard headed, hahaha.

Since hoya odorata is new to me, I did not see the actual flower but according to my research this hoya have fragrant flowers like most Hoyas.

Taking care of Hoya odorata will be based also on the other hoyas the way I care them.

Will update soon as it blloms.

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