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Hoya Pachyclada (#14)

Botanical Name — Hoya pachyclada
Common Name — Wax Plant
Plant Family — Asclepiadaceae

Hoya pachyclada is one of my Hoya collections, this hoya is a vining wax plant and is native from Thailand. This is slow-grower hoya with thick oval-liked leaves that has a soft point. A hoya that produce a clusters of white, star-shaped flowers.

Like other types of Hoya, pachyclada likes a few hours of direct sun but not in intense afternoon sun, this has to avoid because the sunlight will burn the leaves. Even though this hoya will survive in bright indirect light but it is still best to be exposed to the sun for a few hours to boost growth and flowers.

However, if your place is the same as mine, not a lot of sunlight, you can use grow lights. Though, the effectiveness of growth varies but it is still good for the plant.Hoya pachyclada can tolerate high temperatures in the 70s and 80s or higher. They are not cold hardy, however. Avoid temperatures below 50 ºF.

Hoya Pachyclada loves high humidity like other hoyas but still this hoya can thrive to moderate humidity levels. For watering this hoya, I always checked them by touching the soil but usually I have watering schedule for all of my plants. It is always Friday night. This is the only day, I have plenty of time to accomodate them.

Fertilized this hoya once every two weeks or during active growing season mostly in spring time.

I cannot say much about this hoya as this is my first time having this, I am hoping this will grow healthy and gives me flowers next year.

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