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Unboxing Variegated African Violet

African Violet is one of my favorite houseplants but due to have less space, I just have one African Violet. While searching online, I found a post concerning Variegated African Violet. I got so excited and hoping to have this type o plants in my collection. However, the online shopping is in Florida and the cost of shipping is more expensive. so, I decided to just let it go.

I still continue searching if I will find somewhere here in Canada and yes I found the Facebook page just for Variegated African Violet. If I remember exactly my first order was on May. I made a video while unboxing but was deleted accidentally.

In the above video was my second order that was on August as my personal gift for myself. I was so excited receiving my Variegated African Violet and I make sure I don’t delete them yet some of the chips were deleted.

The leaf cuttings I received on this order and in my first order were all rotten. Totally doesn’t know how to propagate the leaf cuttings. The rest of the babies, they are thriving!!!

I will make an update about Variegated African Violet soon.

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