Hoya Australis Lisa

The beautiful foliage of my Hoya Australis Lisa

Hoya Australis Lisa is one of my favorite Hoya even I did not see her flower yet. Just the leaves itself is stunningly beautiful. When I got this plant was really really small with 2.5″ nursery pot for the price of $35. I thought, it was insane of buying plants for this price. However, looking at this hoya right now makes me feel happy.

What I observed from Hoya Australis Lisa is that she always want attention and in constant care unlike other hoyas. I bought this hoya along with the other varieties and they were at the same size, I found Australis Lisa grow faster than the others. People said, this type of hoya is a slow grower however, in my opinion it really depends on how the plants react to its environment. Compare to my other Hoyas, Australis Lisa grows faster and I already transferred her to bigger size pot 5″ from 2.5″, so in my case it really varies.

According to my research this plant belongs to the Apocynaceae family. This hoya is also called as wax plant and porcelain flower. It was first collected in 1770 as houseplant by Europeans. Australian Native Plants Society said that there are about more than 200 species of Hoya.

How to care for Hoya Australis Lisa

Hoya Australis Lisa for me is easy hoya to take care and I love her, she is one of kind eventhough, I always look or check after her everyday, I feel so happy, it make me happy and of course Australis Lisa plant in my house helps purify the inside.


Well draining and aerated soil is a must for our Australis Lisa to grow and thrive. For my own, I always mix my soil with perlite. Honestly, I don’t measure the soil and the perlite, I just mixed them and use my own judgement. So far, the result is good. What the most important for me is, it drained properly and have enough air for the circulations of the root.

Most of us, of course including me have tend to overwater, this is so true and still until now I overwater them lolz… so what I do, is to check the soil if it is dry or not. You can also buy a soil temperature checker from Dollarstore for $4 plus tax or any other store that has gardening stuffs.


I water my Australis Lisa once every 2 weeks. Eventhough, I see her soil so dry after a week of watering. Since, this plant is also considered succulent therefore, the leaves stored water so they can tolerate the dryness.

I monitor most of the time with just my fingers by touching the soil and by my own judgement. But of course, if you like to check them properly and without doubting yourself, you can buy a chacker in the dollar store or any store that has gardening supplies.


Light, oh talking about light, most Hoyas I have loved direct sunlight, which is far from what I searched online that beware of direct sunlight. I tried my Hoyas especially Australis Lisa but she is not happy. She lost several of leaves and she did not grow an inch. I transfered on the windowsill where she will received full direct afternoon sun and she loves it.

I will not recommend and suggest of anything because I am not an expert for anything. I am just a newbie experimenter and I learned through it. What I do is observe the plants in one spot for at least a week to a month and if you feel that the plant is strugling or not happy move them to a new spot.


I fertilized all my plants not just Hoyas with all purpose fertilizer. However, just recently I tried to use orchid fertlizer, the mister one for my Hoyas. At this moment, I cannot tell if it really works or if my Hoyas will love it, I don’t know yet.

That’s it for now, thanks!

How nice dealing with people

I feel too much of everything in this plant’s world. Always have mixed emotions. Dealing with different people that have different views, but the worst people that I can say based on my 2 years experience in selling plants online are those who want discounts are the ones who complain the most that the plants are small, not the same on the picture, etc. Did they really think that when I ordered my plants online and delivered them to me I can complain and say OMG!!! why it has only 2 leaves, 3 leaves, or whatever.

I don’t ask for a discount for all of the plants I bought, but randomly I gave discounts to random people. Wow, sometimes I may think is it really worthy? People will treat you like you owe to them. We are just human beings. My selling plants are part of my hobby and an extension for my family income aside from being a full-time Early Childhood Educator it is not because I want to be rich but just a little extra to feed my 3 children for my husband is disabled.

I have a lot of things to say but just too tired to put them in words… toooo muchhhhhhhhhh. If they made a bad comments about me, well what can I say, who cares to those people that also doesn’t care for the feelings of others. They think they know me….

Aglaonema collections

Aglaonema is one of my favorite houseplants because it is very easy to take care of and it doesn;t require full sun. This plant is also called as Chinese Evergreen and it consists of different beautiful varieties that truly attracts everyone.

aglaonema chocolate indoor plants houseplants interiorplants plant sale Mississauga Toronto Brampton Burlington Oakville GTA

Among of my favorite Aglaonema variety is the Chocolate. I just bought this plant a month ago, thanks to the person who ordered Aglaonema Chocolate and shipped it to her.

Aglaonemas are one of slow-growing plants and have a beautiful and attractive foliage.

They are perfect for home decor because aside from they are stunning, they also don’t require sunlight so it is really a perfect treat for your home.

hoya multiflora/shooting star

This is the second bloom of Hoya Multiflora or Shooting Star

This is my Hoya Multiflora or shall we called Shooting star. This Hoya I got from Kim’s Nature in Markham, Ontario. Yes. my family and I drove to Markham. Ontario for a long drive after a long month COVID lockdown. Anyhow, this is one of my dream hoya since I started to collect them.

According to the Enclopedia of Succulents, the origin and habitat of hoya multiflora or shooting star is of from the forest of the following countries Burma to Thailand, China, Malaysia, Java, Indonesia and Philippines. This hoya was being described in 1823.

This Hoya is compact, upright and shrubby. I observed this hoya that it don’t produce branches. What I really like to this plant is her flowers. It has arrow-shaped petals that bends like a shooting star. When she start to flowers it produce so many flowers, that’s why they called this plant as multiflora because of that feature.

When I got this Hoya, it was June 2020. I cannot remember exactly the date. It has two penducles then after a week, it adds another in the total of 6 penducles. I’ved waaited for weeks before they really opened it into a full bloom and yes it lasted for about 12 days.

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