New plant collections arrived from thailand

Three new rare plant collections arrived from Thailand.

There are three rare houseplants that I really wanted to have however, they are just too expensive for just a cuttings. What are those rare plants? Monstera Peru, Scindapsus Treubii Dark Form and Scindapsus Moonlight. Well, I can’t believe I have them. So lucky to know somebody who always have shipment from Thailand for rare plants.

I admit, still expensive but at least I do not do the extra transaction other than just wait patiently if they call me that the plant I ordered arrive and I could pick them up.

It was so funny or I don’t know…, when I got there to pick up Saturday that was Sept 19 at 4:35 because they gave me a qoute for how much the plants are before I pick them up, I just bring enough cash but he denied it. I even show to him the exchange messages but he said he didn’t do it.

Anyhow, to make the story short, I still bought the plant. I supposed to buy ten pots each plants but money was so tight, it ended up five pots each. Of course, a little bit disappointed but in the long run I’m still okay with them.

The plants are so beautiful. I cannot wait to see them grow, and sell some of them.

here i am @44

Here I am at 44
(August 23)
Heavenly Father gives me another year
What a great blessings I have to care
With my love ones who always there
Loving me for who I am and cheers.
Here I am, at 44
Embraces all the obstacles
I knew the ending is impossible
But my heart desires are incredible.
Life continues as I say
I know the day will set as free
Beautiful Sunrise and sunrays
Make my humble heart to array.
Thank you, Lord for all the blessings
For my family, relatives & friends
For all the world and the people in needs
With all my heart, I prayed.

MY little cebu blue pothos

The Legendary Cebu Blue Pothos

The Legendary Cebu Blue Pothos at last I got you now. Hahaha!!! Since everybody is craving to have Cebu blue pothos and it keep on popping out in my Facebook pages where I’m a member of, I was becoming too obssessed also to get some of this plant.

I been asking also elsewhere like everybody else does with no luck around my neighboorhood. I know one person that have it but she is so far and the shipping is just not too good at that moment when I inquired.

Well, it’s by luck that a member of the Facebook page I joined has some Cebu Blue for sale. The size of the plant is a really tiny weeny thing for $20 but I still bought it despite the dis-agreement of my husband. I knew that in his head, he already called me as crazy plant lady.

Anyhow, Cebu blue is really a cuttie lolz. since last month the plant gives me 2 new leaves and that I am already happy. It is one of the most popular pothos nowadays and it is really a rare plant. It is an evergreen plant that can be grown inside our home. Like other pothos, it doesn’t require much extra care so long as we water it regularly. When this plant will grow bushier, it will be prettier and attractive.

I really cannot describe how it really looks since she is still small rather than just a cuttie little plant. I will probably update in the next few months.

My eldest son’s first bed

First and foremost, sorry for posting my old crap lolz but I do love this and I do not want to lose it. This is a picture of my eldest son’s first bed, who I painted it myself. It was also my husband who built the bed.

My eldest son DJ, loved Lightning Mc Queen and asked us to buy a bed for him when he was 4 years old, unfortunately the bed was so expensive that I couldn’t afford. I made a suggestion, a plan and made into a reality. Making a customized bed especially for him.

I wished I still had the picture of him while he came from daycare and saw this special creation made by mommy and daddy.

However, I still can imagine the biggest and sweetest smile he gave, a big hugged and kisses. He was jumping and screaming of joy.

A very special memory, I never tired of repeating the same story about his first bed, as he is also proud that mommy and daddy made a customized bed just for him.

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