Online shop subscription will soon be expired

Online shop subscription will soon be expired, the date will be July 23 but why I feel so sad about it? I was thinking about not renewing for about 3 months already but I am still hesitant to do it. Now, the time has almost arrived.

This time, I feel I need to renew then not to renew. I have a lots of efforts exerted to this website. I don’t know let see in the coming days. I am still waiting for that important thing to arrive and hopefully it will soon, I will not mention what is this, so personal, if it will arrive soon then this online shop will continue and it really meant to be open if not, it’s God’s will.

I will update before July 23 if this store will continue.

Thanks and have a great day.

Not renewing my site

It is hard decision to make, but I have to do this. I decided not to renew my site/online store this year. I will continue my blog and still selling plants online through my Facebook page and Facebook Marketplace.

The maintenance or updating an online store is just tremendous job for me since I am alone doing it. My partner will help sometimes but mostly it is me who does mostly everything. With my full time job in the daycare and with thousands of plants around me, holy cow! I lost a lot of time to update the store. That’s the reason why, I mostly sell them in Facebook Marketplace.

I really appreciate to my customers and their reviews. I will start copying the reviews and put into a file so I can keep and upload to my blog.

Thanks everyone!

Oxalis Vulcanicola Molten Lava

Oxalis Vulcanicola Molten Lava is one of the fastest growing Oxalis, this plant is very attractive features with her bright orange, yellow and reddish to purplish small fan-shaped compound of leaves. Usually, this plant grows annually outdoors however, it can grows also inside with the presence of direct sunlight or grow lights.

Oxalis Vulcanicola Molten Lava is also called as Molten Lava Shamrock, in late spring to early summer the plant produces a tiny yellow flowers, however when the plant receives enough light it will produce flowers at any time.

Molten Lava Shamrock is very easy to care, I did not see any negative characteristics on it when it comes for growing.

Just main 2 key points to remember; water when the soil is dry and light. Then your good to go and enjoy the beauty of Oxalis Vulcanicola Molten Lava.

Oxalis Vulcanicola Molten Lava

Hoya Meliflua

This is my Hoya Meliflua. The plant just grow tall without any branch.

Hoya Meliflua has rigid leaves that don’t show any vines. According to the Wikipedia this Hoya is came from my own country, the Philippines. The site says, the plant is common to apayao, La Union, Rizal, Bataan, Laguna, Mindoro, Palawan, Negros, Panay and Leyte.

I did not see the actual flowers yet since mine is still a baby, but hoping to blooms soon. According to Wikipedia that the flowers are reddish orange and have nectaries near the base.

The name of the Meliflua is derived from the word “Mellis” which means honeydew and word “Flou” meaning is flow. these two words combined was created due to the dark nectar that stains the flowers and it’s flowered in every June.

Hoya Meliflua is another species of hoya that is easy to care but I was just wondering why it’s hard for this plant to branch. As you can see in the video, it just growing into long single vine. I decided to cut with hope that he will branch somehow.

As an update, it is about two months now since I cut my hoya Meliflua however there is no indication of a new branch.

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