Welcome to Calathea’s world. This plant is one of the most popular plants in the household as well in offices or any business establishment because of its unique foliage and easy to care.

Calathea is from the family of Marantaceae. A species of plants that blooms from tropical areas. They are also categorized as low-light-plants because they will live and survive even in the areas where there is no sunlight. In there natural habitat, Calathea grow in the jungles.

Like any other plants, Calatheas come in different species with their unique foliage, textures and shape but to care for them is just the same.

I am going to list the names of the plants I have in my collections.

Taking care of Calathea and how they grow.

Calathea plants can be put anywhere indoor, but like most plants they need sunlight but not direct. Avoid the leaves being touch from the window as the sunlight will burn the leaves. Calathea loves moist soil but not soggy. There are a lot of suggestions to use mineral water or purified water for Calathea, but in my case I don’t have that much money to buy purified water so I am using water that sets over night.

For fertilizing Calathea, you can use all purpose plant fertilizer. For me, i put fertilizer once a month to all of my plants. If the Calathea plant has brown or yellow leaves please remove it to make your Calathea happy anf course it looks pleasant to your eyes.

Lists of Calatheas Available

Chinese Money Plant or Pilea Peperomioides

The Chinese money plant (or Pilea) is on my wish list plant to have for a very long time and now I’m happy to have it at my home added to my plant collection. I paid $30.00 plus tax on this plant, so far the most expensive plant in my collection but very happy to have it.

The leaves of this plant is bright green pancake-shaped, so adorable to look at. It seems that this plant is easy to take care of, when I bought this plant, there is no instructions on how to take care of and also I forgot to ask the owner of the shop since I am in a hurry to go and got excited. So, I just research online on how to take care of it. There’s nothing really special therefore, I treated the same way as the other plants.

Knowing more about this plant; The scientific name is Pilea Peperomioides. Commonly known as Chinese money plant, missionary plant, pancake plant, UFO plant or just Pilea. The plant is originally came from the southwestern part of Yunan, one of the province in China and spread throughout the world and one of the most wanted plant for every household.

Buying Pilea is really difficult because they are not sold in most plant shops, that’s why when I saw this plant in one of the plant shop in Sherbrooke, Montreal, I grabbed right away without thinking of the price. But for sure we can buy online but it can be too pricey.

Pilea or Chinese money plant loves bright light but not direct sunlight however I tried mine in the direct sunlight for 3 days and it seems that the plant likes it too, so now I put my plant near the window where the sunlight will hit the plants in the afternoon. So far, my Pilea is doing great. Let’s see what will happen for the next few weeks.

Learning how to taking care of Pilea and maintaining them:

          Like other plants, Pilea prefers well-draining potting soil but to me personally, it depends because I have other plants that I put in no drainage but they survive like my African Violet. The soil needs to dry at the top between watering them. What I did to

most of my plants is to touch the soil and if it is really dry I water them. I also rotate the plant to evenly maintain the shaped of the leaves. Fertilize the Pilea with all purpose fertilizer during spring and summer. They said the leaves will accumulate dust so shower them regularly or wipe the dust off from the leaves. So far, my Pilea don’t have dust yet and I have this plant for 2 months now.

Propagating Chinese Money Tree or Pilea:

Chinese money plant is very easy to propagate because it will produce baby. So far, I have 5 babies of this plant and I re-pot 3 babies, one baby was accidentally cut by my youngest son, so I just re-pot the cut baby hoping that she will survive.

Watering – I water the plant once the soil is dry to touch approximately once every week but this summer I water it every 2 to 3 days.

Fertilizer – I fertilized once a month with all purpose plant fertilizer.

Picture below is my mother Pilea/Chinese Money Plant

This is the mother plants of all my pilea plants.

Plant shop & blog first day

OMG, it is so tedious doing up a website for my little shop and blog. I was lost in start making the site. I hope everything goes well. I tried to change my theme but it doesn’t allow me to, so I therefore proceed in writing maybe it will just change it eventually.

This post is like a try post, let’s see how it goes. Have a great day.


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