My hoya collections

Hoya plant is commonly known as wax plants. They are evergreen perennial vines or creepers. This plant came on so many varieties. The leaves of Hoya vary in size, textures, color & venation as well as their flowers & smell. I started collecting hoyas about 2 years now and I started with Hoya Carnosa Krimson Princess then it expanded to several varieties.

I don’t have any favorites whose who in my collections, I love them all despite that there are some of them that are very hard to please, some of them died and wasted but I think that is part of the process.

Now, let us see how many Hoyas so far I’m collected and counting.

Most of my Hoyas mentioned-above, I have rooted in water with Leca and soon will be available to sell. If interested you can ask to reserve or ask if the rooted is ready for adoption lolz.

ups – FIrst time shipping

Monday, June 08, 2020 at 3PM… my fist attempt of sending my packages to my customers through UPS. Due to so many delay made by Canada Post I decided to try UPS.

In my fist shipment, I took a loss as we all know UPS charge more money than Canada post, but I was okay with it at least I can made a trial and error here and learned for the future. From the date of shipping, three packages delivered the next business day. I was totally amazed.

The note below was a message from one of my customer who recieved the parcel early morning.

ShonnaTue, 9 Jun, 08:56 (1 day ago)
to me

Dearest, dearest Belle! You cannot imagine my complete shock and delighted suprise when I came home from my early morning walk to find my plant waiting for me on the doorstep!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ THANK YOU!!! I thought you were sending it Canada Post, but instead my favorite courier service brought it!ย 
These plants are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I have NEVER been so happy with an online plant order ever before, and I will be leaving you fantastic reviews!!!!

I cannot wait to buy more plants from you! I have had my eye on Chinese evergreen sparkling Sarah for a very long time and see that you did have some in stock. I will keep watching for it in your shop! And maybe some others, as I love chinese evergreens but they can be hard for me to find.ย 
Thank you so very, VERY much! I could not be happier and my plants are now potted up and looking so happy! ๐Ÿ™‚

Monstera adansonii propagation

Monstera Adansonii or Philodendron Swiss Cheese plant is one of the easiest plant to propagate. You can snip off a section with one or two node either put the cuttings directly to the soil or propagate the cuttings in water.

My best way to propagate Monstera Adansonii is to put the cuttings in water. Actually, I tried both but for me, the most successful one is rooted in water then transfer to the soil and put in a cooler area to grow.

I chosed to snip off in individual node, this is my fifth times propagating Monstera Adansonii and so far, this is also the fastest batch to roots. Well, there are 3 bottles full of 1 node cuttings in water but for some reason only one bottle rooted the cuttings within 3 weeks. Surprisingly!

The pictures posted was the result of my water propagation after 3 weeks. I have several cuttings propagated at the same time, yet the rest of the cuttings in the other bottle placed in other location shows no roots. Basically, in my own understanding, the plant have their own will to grow.

As we can see on the pictures, these are ready to transplant. I will make an update how she grow after a week of transplanting them to the soil.

By the way, the recommendation is at least 2 nodes from the expert it is my own choice to snip one node to propagate because I am a hard-headed lolz, I just want to experiment in my own way honestly, so far I don’t have any problem. If you have rooting hormone you can use that too to root. What I do, I always check the water every day, when the water is clear, you’re good to go don’t disturb them, if the water is not clear change the water right away and wash the cuttings, it is a sign of disease. Continue to do so until you will see the roots. Do not put in direct sunlight. Just to let you know, I am not an expert here, I just want to do experimentation. So please follow the expert.

Picture will be posted soon!

My sanseveria collections

Sanseveria is a historically recognized genus of flowering plants native to Africa, Madagascar and Southern Asia according to Wikipedia. This plant comes with so many common names such as snakeplants, bow string hemp, devil’s tounge, jinn’s tounge, mother-in-law tounge and snake tounge. In my village, home country Philippines this plant is called “Espada”. When my mother visited me last year, she said that it is called Espada maybe because it resembles a sword.

Anyway, Sanseveria is one of my favorite houseplant. It is easy to care for lolz, I don’t need to water very often and has low maintenance. I can put this plant anywhere with no fuss because sanseveria will live even in the darkest side of your home. This plant is a tough plant besides that, there are a lot of benefits for our health having Sanseveria inside the house. According to NASA, it has the ability to absorb an excessive amount of carbon monoxide, it also emits oxygen at night and filters some toxins from the air like benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde.

Many researchers and experts believed that it is more beneficial when we put Sanseveria in our bedroom to have fresh oxygen to breath at night while we are sleeping. Therefore, most of my Sanseveria collections are in our bedroom.

So now let’s go to my lists and count how many I have and still hoping to have more.

Interested to have these plants in your collections, they are also available in my store just click the link,

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