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Why Life is so Cruel

This poem was originally posted at Hubpages and was featured at Letterpile. Reposted it in my own blog to keep track of all my works. Advertisements


You Shop, I Give!

Hi everyone, due to the COVID-19 we experienced lockdown every part of the world. I feel the hardship of life nowadays but there are more people outthere that feel worst. I, myself and my family still considered lucky despite the lockdown because I am…

Philodendron Golden Goddess

Philodendron Golden Goddess features striking neon-yellow. They said it is easy to grow but I, myself to not trust. I have to experience first before I believe. Like most of the Philodendron they said it is easy to grow hahaha yet most of my…

Golden Pothos

Golden pothos (Epipremnum aureum Golden) is also known as Devil’s Ivy. This plant is from the Solomon Island. In its natural habitat this is known as a climbing vine, usually climbs on the tree trunk by its aerial roots as well as also covers…

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