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Monstera adansonii propagation

Monstera Adansonii or Philodendron Swiss Cheese plant is one of the easiest plant to propagate. You can snip off a section with one or two node either put the cuttings directly to the soil or propagate the cuttings in water. My best way to… Continue Reading “Monstera adansonii propagation”

My sanseveria collections

Sanseveria is a historically recognized genus of flowering plants native to Africa, Madagascar and Southern Asia according to Wikipedia. This plant comes with so many common names such as snakeplants, bow string hemp, devil’s tounge, jinn’s tounge, mother-in-law tounge and snake tounge. In my… Continue Reading “My sanseveria collections”

Anthurium Superbum

Anthurium superbum is also called as Bird’s Nest Anthurium, it said that it is very easy to grow tropical plant. I think this is rare type of anthurium. It has elliptical, rigid large leaves. Anthurium superbum will flower in her right time and if… Continue Reading “Anthurium Superbum”

String of Pearls

String of Pearls is a common name of Senecio Rowleyanus, it has special leaves that looks like a small peas. This plant is under in the succulent plants maybe because it is delicate and need care like the other succulents. This plant blooms in… Continue Reading “String of Pearls”

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