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Walmart Lasalle – Security guy mistreated family

Security guard or the guy on the entrance of Walmart Lasalle, mistreated my son, my husband and myself when we went out after shopping for birthday gifts for my youngest son, who celebrated today August 11 and other stuffs for my other children.

After I finished my work, my husband and I together with my eldest son decided to Walmart to buy a Batman toys for my youngest son as his birthday presence, who celebrated his birthday today. Despite of tiredness, I was so happy do shopping as Walmart is my favorite store to buy things for my children and for groceries. besides I promised my youngest son to get the toys he wanted.

Before, we pay the items (toys), my eldest son, asked me if he can have also a gaming headset since his headset was broken. So I said okay, you can have it. We went to pay all the items. My husband scanned first the gaming headset and it marked on the receipt the amount of $70.21. This item was the most expensive marked on the receipt. My son was the one who bring the box. When we went out, the security guy stopped us and took the gaming headset. He asked for the receipt my husband handed it to him. He was still holding the headset. He said while checking, “Oh you have a good price for the head set?”. My husband replied “Yes, it is $70.21. You can see the price on the first line of the receipt and my husband tried to point it to him.

The security guy, continue checking the item one by one and said , “ok you can go”. My husband and I said, “what about the gaming headset?”. He answered us sarcastically, “Oh you want this? You did not pay for it! Pay for it!” then he started to walk away with the gaming headset and our receipt. My husband was mad and told him , you don’t give me back my gaming headset and my receipt I will call your manager.

He stopped and gave back our receipt and the gaming headset, we waited for the manager to come out which we waited for almost 30 minutes. I tried to calm myself down because there were so many people looking at us while my husband was really mad to that guy. We doubt that, that was a manager because he looks like a janitor came from the back of the store. I thought he will solved the ethical issues or misconduct of his employee but he made it worst. He appeared and told us “there is no problem, you have your item, you can leave.”

This is the way, this security guard and manager from Walmart Lasalle treated there customer? Yes, the guy who acted as a manager said “Sorry” but in a sarcastic way while the security guard was laughing. This is unacceptable, no respect. I worked hard to earn money to buy things from this giant store spending thousands of my hard earned money and treated us this way? No respect.

Monstera adansonii propagation

Monstera Adansonii or Philodendron Swiss Cheese plant is one of the easiest plant to propagate. You can snip off a section with one or two node either put the cuttings directly to the soil or propagate the cuttings in water.

My best way to propagate Monstera Adansonii is to put the cuttings in water. Actually, I tried both but for me, the most successful one is rooted in water then transfer to the soil and put in a cooler area to grow.

I chosed to snip off in individual node, this is my fifth times propagating Monstera Adansonii and so far, this is also the fastest batch to roots. Well, there are 3 bottles full of 1 node cuttings in water but for some reason only one bottle rooted the cuttings within 3 weeks. Surprisingly!

The pictures posted was the result of my water propagation after 3 weeks. I have several cuttings propagated at the same time, yet the rest of the cuttings in the other bottle placed in other location shows no roots. Basically, in my own understanding, the plant have their own will to grow.

As we can see on the pictures, these are ready to transplant. I will make an update how she grow after a week of transplanting them to the soil.

By the way, the recommendation is at least 2 nodes from the expert it is my own choice to snip one node to propagate because I am a hard-headed lolz, I just want to experiment in my own way honestly, so far I don’t have any problem. If you have rooting hormone you can use that too to root. What I do, I always check the water every day, when the water is clear, you’re good to go don’t disturb them, if the water is not clear change the water right away and wash the cuttings, it is a sign of disease. Continue to do so until you will see the roots. Do not put in direct sunlight. Just to let you know, I am not an expert here, I just want to do experimentation. So please follow the expert.

Picture will be posted soon!

My sanseveria collections

Sanseveria is a historically recognized genus of flowering plants native to Africa, Madagascar and Southern Asia according to Wikipedia. This plant comes with so many common names such as snakeplants, bow string hemp, devil’s tounge, jinn’s tounge, mother-in-law tounge and snake tounge. In my village, home country Philippines this plant is called “Espada”. When my mother visited me last year, she said that it is called Espada maybe because it resembles a sword.

Anyway, Sanseveria is one of my favorite houseplant. It is easy to care for lolz, I don’t need to water very often and has low maintenance. I can put this plant anywhere with no fuss because sanseveria will live even in the darkest side of your home. This plant is a tough plant besides that, there are a lot of benefits for our health having Sanseveria inside the house. According to NASA, it has the ability to absorb an excessive amount of carbon monoxide, it also emits oxygen at night and filters some toxins from the air like benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde.

Many researchers and experts believed that it is more beneficial when we put Sanseveria in our bedroom to have fresh oxygen to breath at night while we are sleeping. Therefore, most of my Sanseveria collections are in our bedroom.

So now let’s go to my lists and count how many I have and still hoping to have more.

Interested to have these plants in your collections, they are also available in my store just click the link,

Why Life is so Cruel

This poem was originally posted at Hubpages and was featured at Letterpile. Reposted it in my own blog to keep track of all my works.

Source: Photo is not mine, it belongs to the rightful owner.
Why Life is so Cruel
Updated on January 29, 2018
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Never thought how life could be
As journey continues day by day
Each steps seems like in a wrong way
Why does it happen to me?

Every moment, never realize
That the soul seems like paralize
Cannot move and wanted to cry
However, tears seems like dry.

Ahh…head is like spinning
Brain is swirling like a hurricane
This heart is much aching
why all of these things are happenning?

Don’t know what to do
Direction of this life seems like limbo
Nowhere and oh,, nowhere to go
Sometimes, I wanna blame but who?

Myself? oh, it’s myself only…
Try to understand what’s going on with me
Wanted to go forward and back as I used to be
Somehow, this agony will be gone I pray.
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