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My DIY Face Mask

As COVID-19 is not stopping for spreading around us while the surgical face mask is now becoming difficult to find and if you will find it is really expensive. Therefore, I have to make my very own cloth face mask.

This is way much better than nothing. According to some research, cloth face mask can help in slowing the process of transmission the deadly virus. I also share some of my made face mask to my friends or to anybody that needed the face mask for free.

Keep safe everyone!!! God bless us.

My Beloved Parents

There were times, I want to blame you
The ways of life I am into
Even though you tried your best, I know
Raising us,  as a good persons you do.

Blaming you is not the right thing
I know that in my heart, so I am crying
Deep in my soul, keeps remembering
Sorry for this nasty thought I bring.

Now, that we’re far away
I truly missed you, everyday
Wishing that I can hug you one day
Kisses and saying I love you, I pray.

Am so thankful, for raising me
To be as tough as I could be
For the rough times you prepare me
Handling the obstacles made it easy.

💗♥♥♥From the bottom of my heart, I love you and I miss you♥♥♥💗

When I wrote this poem, I was in the middle of difficult times. It was my first six months in Canada and having a non-friendly working environment. This was the time, when I ate food from my employers garbage can. This was the time, when I burst into tears while holding the garbage foods in my hands because it was three days already of not eating. This was the time of regret and questioning myself, why I did not obey my father’s will to stay home. 

I begun to tremble and my heart is sinking into the agony of being ill-fated individual. So many of what if’s flooding through my mind and soul. But what could I do? Before I didn’t believe of what they say “life is so unfair” but because of my experienced, I believed it. However, life must go on. I still believe in God and trusted him that someday a miracle would happen. When I feel lonely, imagining of my father and my mother’s happy faces will ease my pain.

Never Tired of Trying

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Life seems always difficult
From my existence in this world
Although, I know it’s no one’s fault
Wondering sometimes, is it really my rule? 

Laugh out loud and cry out loud
Looking at the distance, is there a miracle in the cloud?
Wimpy rain and thunder roared
Bear with me as I sighed aloud.

Never tired of trying, is all I could do
Throughout this life, I won’t let go
Impossible dreams, I have to pursue
For this is the only thing I can offer you.

With the guidance of the Father almighty
I believe I will be successful someday
Who knows and nobody knows when will be
But I’m always hoping before I go away.

I’ll Let You Go

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Wondering what’s in your mind
Looking at the distance like blind
Words to utter you signed
Deliver them through wind but declined.

You’re near yet so far
Reaching you is like a star
Impossible to reach, leave some scar
Please, oh please don’t let my heart fall apart.

Tears slowly flowing
Unbearable pain is now burning
Fire of sorrow is now glowing
Our love is now falling?

Anguish heart want to reach you
Your presence stood still, I knew
Can’t see my heart is dying through
Yet, I still let you go.

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