Category: Indoor plants

Philodendron Golden Goddess

Philodendron Golden Goddess features striking neon-yellow. They said it is easy to grow but I, myself to not trust. I have to experience first before I believe. Like most of the Philodendron they said it is easy to grow hahaha yet most of my…


Manjula Pothos

Manjula pothos is also called as Epipremnum Happy Leaf is another variety of pothos patented and produced originally by the University of Florida. Manjula pothos is a lovely plant with wide heart-shaped leaves along with shades of silver, white cream and light green variegation….

Hoya DavidCummingi First Bloom

I just want to share the first bloom of my Hoya Davidcummingi. She really surprised me this Christmas of her first bloom. I did not expect for this plant to flower at all because she is small plant but wow, so nice to see…

Plants that Gives Oxygen at Night

We are so curious, what kind of plants that really gives Oxygen at night? Most of us, knew that Snake plant is one of the plants that gives such benefit for us, that’s the possible reasons why we see a lot of snake plants…

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