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Why Life is so Cruel

This poem was originally posted at Hubpages and was featured at Letterpile. Reposted it in my own blog to keep track of all my works. Advertisements


Philodendron Golden Goddess

Philodendron Golden Goddess features striking neon-yellow. They said it is easy to grow but I, myself to not trust. I have to experience first before I believe. Like most of the Philodendron they said it is easy to grow hahaha yet most of my…

Anxiety and Fears over COVID-19

Everyday is not normal, my Facebook were flooded of all news around the world. I read & watch news about the outbreak and it really hurt my heart, knowing a lot of people died. No single day that I did not cry since this…


Calamondin is also know as Calamansi/Kalamansi in the Philippines. In some other part of the world it is called as Calamondin. The fruit of Calamondin or Kalamansi is Filipinos favorite for marinating meats, fish, making sawsawan ohlala nummy nam… sorry for my words for…

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