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ups – FIrst time shipping

Monday, June 08, 2020 at 3PM… my fist attempt of sending my packages to my customers through UPS. Due to so many delay made by Canada Post I decided to try UPS.

In my fist shipment, I took a loss as we all know UPS charge more money than Canada post, but I was okay with it at least I can made a trial and error here and learned for the future. From the date of shipping, three packages delivered the next business day. I was totally amazed.

The note below was a message from one of my customer who recieved the parcel early morning.

ShonnaTue, 9 Jun, 08:56 (1 day ago)
to me

Dearest, dearest Belle! You cannot imagine my complete shock and delighted suprise when I came home from my early morning walk to find my plant waiting for me on the doorstep!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ THANK YOU!!! I thought you were sending it Canada Post, but instead my favorite courier service brought it!ย 
These plants are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I have NEVER been so happy with an online plant order ever before, and I will be leaving you fantastic reviews!!!!

I cannot wait to buy more plants from you! I have had my eye on Chinese evergreen sparkling Sarah for a very long time and see that you did have some in stock. I will keep watching for it in your shop! And maybe some others, as I love chinese evergreens but they can be hard for me to find.ย 
Thank you so very, VERY much! I could not be happier and my plants are now potted up and looking so happy! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Why Life is so Cruel

This poem was originally posted at Hubpages and was featured at Letterpile. Reposted it in my own blog to keep track of all my works.

Source: Photo is not mine, it belongs to the rightful owner.
Why Life is so Cruel
Updated on January 29, 2018
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Never thought how life could be
As journey continues day by day
Each steps seems like in a wrong way
Why does it happen to me?

Every moment, never realize
That the soul seems like paralize
Cannot move and wanted to cry
However, tears seems like dry.

Ahh…head is like spinning
Brain is swirling like a hurricane
This heart is much aching
why all of these things are happenning?

Don’t know what to do
Direction of this life seems like limbo
Nowhere and oh,, nowhere to go
Sometimes, I wanna blame but who?

Myself? oh, it’s myself only…
Try to understand what’s going on with me
Wanted to go forward and back as I used to be
Somehow, this agony will be gone I pray.
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Philodendron Golden Goddess

Philodendron Golden Goddess features striking neon-yellow. They said it is easy to grow but I, myself to not trust. I have to experience first before I believe. Like most of the Philodendron they said it is easy to grow hahaha yet most of my philodendron died despite I follow all the instructions I found on the net. So, basically it depends on everyones hand.

This plant is originated in Southern Brazil, it is one of climbing/trailing plant and of course need support when growing. Like most of the philodendron plants, it is toxic to pets when ingested.


Anxiety and Fears over COVID-19

Everyday is not normal, my Facebook were flooded of all news around the world. I read & watch news about the outbreak and it really hurt my heart, knowing a lot of people died. No single day that I did not cry since this outbreak begun.

In Canada, most establishment are closed, schools, shopping malls but the government of Quebec set an emergency daycare services for all the essential workers who are the frontliners in battling the pandemic. So as much as I want to stay home with my children, I can’t. I need to go out to work, even just one day a week but the fears and anxiety is still there especially if you take care a child/children that has cough and constantly coughing, sneezing. As an educator, I don’t have mask to protect myself from constantly coughing & sneezing child. In daycare, there is no social distancing because the child doesn’t know and understand what is that all about. I am always at close contact because I have to change diapers, I have to put the child on the chair when it’s time to eat and have to carry & bring to the crib when it’s time to sleep.

Just so sad that at night, I couldn’t sleep better and scared to hug and kiss my children because I’m afraid that what if…..

Oh Lord! please protect all of us from this monsters that haunts around the world, the COVID-19, forgive all our sins, with Your mercy and grace, I have faith and trusted You, that You will heal the world. Amen