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Anxiety and Fears over COVID-19

Everyday is not normal, my Facebook were flooded of all news around the world. I read & watch news about the outbreak and it really hurt my heart, knowing a lot of people died. No single day that I did not cry since this outbreak begun.

In Canada, most establishment are closed, schools, shopping malls but the government of Quebec set an emergency daycare services for all the essential workers who are the frontliners in battling the pandemic. So as much as I want to stay home with my children, I can’t. I need to go out to work, even just one day a week but the fears and anxiety is still there especially if you take care a child/children that has cough and constantly coughing, sneezing. As an educator, I don’t have mask to protect myself from constantly coughing & sneezing child. In daycare, there is no social distancing because the child doesn’t know and understand what is that all about. I am always at close contact because I have to change diapers, I have to put the child on the chair when it’s time to eat and have to carry & bring to the crib when it’s time to sleep.

Just so sad that at night, I couldn’t sleep better and scared to hug and kiss my children because I’m afraid that what if…..

Oh Lord! please protect all of us from this monsters that haunts around the world, the COVID-19, forgive all our sins, with Your mercy and grace, I have faith and trusted You, that You will heal the world. Amen


Calamondin is also know as Calamansi/Kalamansi in the Philippines. In some other part of the world it is called as Calamondin. The fruit of Calamondin or Kalamansi is Filipinos favorite for marinating meats, fish, making sawsawan ohlala nummy nam… sorry for my words for those who doesn’t understand, it means “oh! it’s so yummy!”

Calamansi, is like a shrub if it well-maintained pruning after making fruits or grows as a small tree. It has a shiny pointy leaves. The fruit of Calamondin resembles a small and round lime or mini lime. The juice of Calamondin is very sour and smells so good. Most Filipinos likes to make Kalamansi juice especially during summer. It’s a good source for Vitamin C.

For me as Pinay, Calamansi fruit is used in its almost ripe with soy sauce, vinegar, and/or hot pepper as part of the most yummylicious dipping sauce in Filipino cuisine.

Now, that I have Calamondin in my collection of plants, I feel so lucky that I can harvest the fresh fruits and make my own kalamansi juice. Yay…

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