Category: Low-light tolerant plants

Triostar Stromanthe

Triostar Stromanthe is a beautiful houseplants that are sometimes called ‘Tricolor”. This plant is like Calathea it came from the family of Maranta. The foliage has stunning variegation of cream, green and pink and the back of the leaves are purple like color for…



Welcome to Calathea’s world. This plant is one of the most popular plants in the household as well in offices or any business establishment because of its unique foliage and easy to care. Calathea is from the family of Marantaceae. A species of plants…

Sanseveria a.k.a snake plants

Sanseveria or Snake plants comes in many different varieties. The most common one Sansevieria Trifasciata. According to the care instructions, Sansevieria or Snake plants enjoys low lights, and droughts which means that water when the soil is dry. Well, obviously we have to water…

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