Bragged About, Family Matters, Poem

Behind the Smiles

smiling, flower
How sweet is the smiles would that be
A mask she wears everyday
Taking obstacles in every way
Hiding the secrets of pain and misery.

As these months just passed by
Sweet smile faded and tears rolled by
Feeling humiliated and I sighed
Heavyheartedness appeared so high.

Negative thoughts are rushing in
Breaking my hearts and my whole being
Depression wants to reign
Feeling of desolation begins.

Taking time to realize
What a waste of time to compromise
My whole me to jeopardize
What a stupid things to apprise.

Yes, so close… very close!!!
Thanks God, He knows
Reminded me of how life goes
Smile should not fade away and will continues.
Bragged About, Poem

Happy New Year 2020

Time flies so fast and & time comes to end
Farewell to you my dear 2019
Though may life is tough this year
Yet I have a good memories with love ones. 

Old good memories will always be cherished
That can carry on for next days
and so the bad ones will serves as a lessons
that life in general is a complicated thing.

I am happy to say hello 
Year 2020 here we go 
A new beginning to pursue
New life and new hope to go through.

I’m So In Love

Simply human as I am that fall
In love with things around me & all
Especially plants that calls
Mother Nature so humble.

I'm so in love with all the plants around me
Different colors and oh so lovely
Amazing textures, sizes and those who are picky
Understand them, they just want you to be busy.

Hahaha, plants are like us
Though they don't speak but they make a fuss
Yet we cannot ignore them but adjust
As plants will do give unconditional love and just.


Who Say’s Plants do not Speak?

In the middle of my plants room
Seated feeling lonely and gloomed
Teary eyed, thinking I’m doomed
What a wasteful life I owned.

While sobbing, I felt tickles in my neck
Had to check oh… my Monstera Adansonii’s leaf
Trying to reach, so to speak
Wondrous feelings & a hush to take.

Without blinking my eyes
I looked each plant and sighed
Saw them whispering & smiled
Giving their best for awhile.

Plant do not speak, who say’s so?
Yes, they whisper, they do

Plants made me happy & out from the blue
Weary heart & mind were vanished, so true.