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On Top of the Spaghetti

Activity Name: On Top of the Spaghetti Age group: 3 to 5 years oldNumber of children: 10Length of Time: 15 to 20 minutes Area of Development: Language & Cognitive skills Goal of the Activity: Reinforcing vocabulary and promoting manners Objective of the activity: The children will be able to retell the story… Continue Reading “On Top of the Spaghetti”

You Made Me Live Again

ECE Grad. Speech

OMG!!! hahaha I am still laughing and felt shy at this speech like an improntu speech during my graduation at TAV college. I’m still laughing at myself, I have very bad grammar and my pronunciation was so aweful, however, I am proud of myself… Continue Reading “ECE Grad. Speech”

The Love I Dream is not Meant to Be

“I believed that everything happened for a reason, we don’t even know the plan of God for us. However, people figuring out that everything we did there’s a result and consequences either good or bad based on human perceptions and we start judging people… Continue Reading “The Love I Dream is not Meant to Be”

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