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Due to the pandemic COVID-19 shipping will be postponed up until everything will go back to normal. I assumes that everyone understands since Canada post cancelled guaranteed shipment, yet there are customers that still wants to buy and and ship plants to their respective destination despite of the the Canada post announcement of no guaranteed on time shipment, so in due respect I will accept orders but it will be at your own risk, I will not be responsible for the delay, damaged and no refund, will be sold as is. Thanks.


Plants will ship with no pot but with little soil to stabilized the roots during transport. Will be well packaged with care, however due to the nature of the courier, buyer assumes full risk and responsibility of shipping. Shipping schedule is always Monday (unless holiday) so the shipment will be Tuesday after the payment is cleared. (Please allow 3 to 7 business days prior for shipping.) Thanks for understanding.

If you have any questions please feel free to send message (

Fixed shipping rate of $25 for small box and $35 for big box… payment through E-transfer

Important Note: Due to the outbreak of COVID-I9, Canada post cancelled guaranteed express delivery. My schedule for shipping plants is set to first week of May, I hope everything will go back to normal.

As an educator, I am obliged to work to take care of the children of our frontliners at this difficult times. So, I am cancelling local pick-up & delivery. We need to follow social distancing set by our Government. I hope everyone will cooperate. God bless us all.

At this time, I am not accepting orders in Messenger for those who asked but if you order on my blog you can however, it will not be processed until first week of May. I always reserves plants to any potential customer with no upfront payment, if ever he/she asked. that’s the reason why some plants were not available on my site meaning I reserved it, but some people who have no trust whatsoever, and I always received messages that breaks my heart most of the time.

Thank you & have a great day. Enjoy!