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Unboxing Hoya from Thailand

Unboxing Hoya from Thailand, this video was taken last year when I received my first orders of Hoya from Thailand. It is a bit late upload. The reason why it’s late because I don’t have enough time to do and my computer is really slow. Luckily, my son allowed me to use his computer to edit and combine all the clips.

So much for that, the Hoya I received were a lot of yellow leaves and most of them really did not survive. There are five Hoya out of twenty five different hoya who have survived and thriving. Ouch!!! yes, really hurts!!! but what can I do? I’m still happy for the remaining ones, they are champion.

The whole experienced of ordering Hoya outside the country is a mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness.

Here are the list of the Hoya in this video:

  1. Hoya CV Ruthie
  2. Hoya Mcquilivry
  3. Hoya Optomistic
  4. will continue soon the listing soon.
Low-light tolerant plants

Triostar Stromanthe

Triostar Stromanthe is a beautiful houseplants that are sometimes called ‘Tricolor”. This plant is like Calathea it came from the family of Maranta. The foliage has stunning variegation of cream, green and pink and the back of the leaves are purple like color for sure this plant will catches everyone’s eyes.

Stromanthe plant needs right amount of light but not in direct sunlight. too much exposure to sun the leaves can become a freckled and burned.

Like Calathea, Triostar Stromanthe need moist soil at all times but not soggy. Give the plant a fertilizer during spring and summer with all purpose plant fertilizer. Like other plants, they love to be misted . Spray with fresh water.

Triostar Stromanthe is available at my shop from C$18 for 4″ pot and $30 for 6″ pot. Send message if interested @belleplantshop@gmail.com or mljanohan@outlook.com. Shipping available: Canada wide, pick up and or delivery locally.


Plants New Arrivals and the Unboxing

Woahhhhh………………. I never had received a lots of plants like this, sooooooooo many. My small garage well now is my small plant shop is so full, almost cannot move plus my other junk that is stored over there. Really need a lot of moving plants today. Work, work and work.

Almost every two weeks I’m receiving a new orders of plants. Welcome to my shop Calathea assorted (Rattlesnake, Triostar Stromanthe, Sting of Hearts, String of Watermelons and Philodendron Moonshine.