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Why Life is so Cruel

This poem was originally posted at Hubpages and was featured at Letterpile. Reposted it in my own blog to keep track of all my works. https://letterpile.com/poetry/Why-Life-is-so-Cruel

Source: Photo is not mine, it belongs to the rightful owner.
Why Life is so Cruel
Updated on January 29, 2018
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Never thought how life could be
As journey continues day by day
Each steps seems like in a wrong way
Why does it happen to me?

Every moment, never realize
That the soul seems like paralize
Cannot move and wanted to cry
However, tears seems like dry.

Ahh…head is like spinning
Brain is swirling like a hurricane
This heart is much aching
why all of these things are happenning?

Don’t know what to do
Direction of this life seems like limbo
Nowhere and oh,, nowhere to go
Sometimes, I wanna blame but who?

Myself? oh, it’s myself only…
Try to understand what’s going on with me
Wanted to go forward and back as I used to be
Somehow, this agony will be gone I pray.

Thanks God for Another Year

Thanks God for another year
A new beginning of hope and a life to dear
Continue to walk, a few steps so clear
Miles and miles away, I hope I bear.

Heavy burdens I carried each day
God, I know you helped me to carry
As I cannot endure in my own way
Yet, you are with me everyday.

While celebrating this natal day
I thanks to You for the blessings, I pray
Though, my heart at this moment is weary
I know it will be lifted by You someday.
Credit: Images are not mine; credit belongs to the rightful owner.