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My Beloved Parents

There were times, I want to blame you
The ways of life I am into
Even though you tried your best, I know
Raising us,  as a good persons you do.

Blaming you is not the right thing
I know that in my heart, so I am crying
Deep in my soul, keeps remembering
Sorry for this nasty thought I bring.

Now, that we’re far away
I truly missed you, everyday
Wishing that I can hug you one day
Kisses and saying I love you, I pray.

Am so thankful, for raising me
To be as tough as I could be
For the rough times you prepare me
Handling the obstacles made it easy.

💗♥♥♥From the bottom of my heart, I love you and I miss you♥♥♥💗

When I wrote this poem, I was in the middle of difficult times. It was my first six months in Canada and having a non-friendly working environment. This was the time, when I ate food from my employers garbage can. This was the time, when I burst into tears while holding the garbage foods in my hands because it was three days already of not eating. This was the time of regret and questioning myself, why I did not obey my father’s will to stay home. 

I begun to tremble and my heart is sinking into the agony of being ill-fated individual. So many of what if’s flooding through my mind and soul. But what could I do? Before I didn’t believe of what they say “life is so unfair” but because of my experienced, I believed it. However, life must go on. I still believe in God and trusted him that someday a miracle would happen. When I feel lonely, imagining of my father and my mother’s happy faces will ease my pain.

My Three Angels

These are my three angels
Who make my life full of surprises
Even in times of crisis
They make me laugh and oh so priceless

When they smile, I hear the angels sing
A soothing melody that joy may bring
Into my weary heart that cling
Like the wondrous vines in heaven.

Lord, I thank you for these priceless gifts
You showered me with love to make my drifted heart swift
Happiness and feeling of completeness
Promise to take care of them, till my last breath.

Though, I do not have a gold to offer
But I have a loving arms and a good heart
With a promise of unconditional love
To treasure when they grow up.

A poem I made for my three children namely; DJ, Ynna and Angelo. I never thought I will gonna have three children. Yes, it is not really in my dream and of course not in my plan. I always wanted to have just one or two but God give me another blessing and that is Angelo.

At that time, I was still mourning because of the passing of my father yet I suddenly felt the fresh breeze inside my room. I felt somebody was there, I felt cold. I wrapped myself with the comforter and fell asleep. When I got up I felt relief and felt brand new.

My children are the reason why I continue to dream. This time, it’s  not just for me but of course for them, for their future. I love you my kiddos, you are the reasons why I smile despite of the difficulties I have in life.

Happy New Year 2020

Time flies so fast and & time comes to end
Farewell to you my dear 2019
Though may life is tough this year
Yet I have a good memories with love ones. 

Old good memories will always be cherished
That can carry on for next days
and so the bad ones will serves as a lessons
that life in general is a complicated thing.

I am happy to say hello 
Year 2020 here we go 
A new beginning to pursue
New life and new hope to go through.

Who Say’s Plants do not Speak?

In the middle of my plants room
Seated feeling lonely and gloomed
Teary eyed, thinking I’m doomed
What a wasteful life I owned.

While sobbing, I felt tickles in my neck
Had to check oh… my Monstera Adansonii’s leaf
Trying to reach, so to speak
Wondrous feelings & a hush to take.

Without blinking my eyes
I looked each plant and sighed
Saw them whispering & smiled
Giving their best for awhile.

Plant do not speak, who say’s so?
Yes, they whisper, they do

Plants made me happy & out from the blue
Weary heart & mind were vanished, so true.
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